“Lived there for three years, it’s a great place to stay.”

Paul H.


There’s nothing quite like living in a piece of history. If you appreciate the beauty of that old San Antonio, with its summer heat and winter mildness, its Riverwalk paths, its bright restaurants and boutiques … then you can’t help but love living in The Exchange.

This ten-story building has a classic penthouse feel to it, with cozy to spacious floor plans and range of bedroom and bath options. Despite this, the community is small and quiet, allowing you to live in peace while enjoying the river’s bright and bustling scenery outside your window.

Our goal here at The Exchange is to make sure you always feel right at home. No matter what you’re looking for in a home, we invite you to let us know today. We’ll work hard to find the perfect apartment for you, then back it up with amazing service every day thereafter. Please call or email to find out more now.